Shock in your town!


Bring Shock to perform at your children’s event anywhere in The World!!

Go on Adventures! Make Music! Learn to Beatbox! Learn to Read! All Ages! All Events!

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Shock in your Town - Video

Bark like a dog; make music like a trumpet and beatbox like a drumset! Kids of all ages will have an "Electric" time making music on the spot and going on spontaneous adventures with Shock as he teaches the basics to making music, sound effects and telling stories from the power of imagination. Together they will create a whole world from nothing while learning some basic phonics and reading skills and who knows... parents may even learn a thing or two!

"The event was a huge success!  Chris was awesome, he really knows how to work a crowd.  Everyone enjoyed his performance.  I saw grandma, grandpa, mom and dad's all beat boxing with him.  Some of our student volunteers couldn't stop beat boxing after the event.  I truly enjoyed working with Chris, he was a joy to be around."

K. Herring, UNC-TV, NC

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